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Tsukino Shrine: OOC Information and IC Flame Readings

This is a general information post for Tsukino Shrine, which opened in September of 2012. The shrine was constructed by Brave Vesperia and is named in honor of Tsukino Usagi. The shrine is open to anyone but is maintained by Rei, who offers charms and fortune telling services.


Basic OOC Information
-Located on the riverbank across from Community House 2
-Constructed by Brave Vesperia, Opened September 4th 2012
-Named in honor of Tsukino Usagi
-Flame Readings open from 10am until 4pm, or by appointment.
-Maintained by Rei Hino, Tsuzuki Asato, and Yukiko Amagi.
-Warded against uninvited intrusions by evil spirits, Vampires, and Demons. The site is consecrated and warded by Harry Dresden, Helios Sprensonne, and Rei Hino to protect the sanctity of the Honden (Central building). Non-infernal visitors always welcome though.
-Home to a large crow population

If you wish to thread out an IC flame reading (Fortune Telling) then please post here with a Date/Time as you would an appointments thread. If its something plot related, please PM me and we can work out how the reading will go!